Everyone is a Theologian

Everyone is a Theologian {0}

Did you know you’re a theologian? I did. So am I. That’s not as special and rare as it sounds. The reality is that everyone is a theologian. Everyone has a belief about God.


Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God’s Voice {0}

Originally Posted: Thursday, December 08, 2005 Mood:  quizzical Now Reading: Clowning in Rome Topic: the character of God Currently Listening Lay It Down By Jennifer Knapp 7. You Remain see related I knew it. Why am I listening this? I know that it tears me apart every time I hear it. Tears. I love Jesus,(…)


We Are Not Owed

We Are Not Owed {0}

It’s time for a guest post!! Here’s one from Jonathan Jones. Jonathan is a Doctoral student, Worship Leader, and student of the grace of God. When he’s not being a musical genius, you can probably find him working, teaching on grace, or being that guy playing guitar on campus. Point being, he’s cool AND smart. That’s(…)


God is Emotional

God is Emotional {0}

Originally Posted: Saturday, July 16, 2005 Currently Reading The Genesee Diary By HENRI NOUWEN see related I learned something the other day that I was hoping to learn while here.  I was meditating on what God was doing in my life.  Through loneliness and through hurting people I was in a way experiencing what God(…)


Taboo in Church History

Taboo in Church History {0}

Originally Posted: Monday, June 20, 2005 Mood:  hungry Now Reading: Victory Over the Darkness Topic: The Romance of God Currently Listening Myself When I Am Real By Bebo Norman see related I found this poem that is attributed to a female bishop who lived in the late 400’s or early 500’s. I think it is(…)