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Youth Ministry Isn’t Winning – Part 2

Youth Ministry Isn’t Winning – Part 2 {0}

Last week we talked about the reality that youth ministry isn’t winning. You can read that here. I introduced the term “Discipleship Movement”. I’ll come back to that. Most students graduate. Most students graduate high school. The most recent percentage on dropouts I could find had it hovering right above 7%. Today the rate is(…)


Values – In Church

Values – In Church {0}

Every week, I lead a small group of teenagers at a bible study. Every week I start with the same questions. Keep that in mind, we’ll come back. Years ago I was a part of a small group of college students. From that small group, a church grew up. One of the first things we(…)


Thoughts In Trends For The Church

Thoughts In Trends For The Church {0}

A while back (read: few years ago), there was a post at The Gospel Coalition site regarding 5 trends for the church to watch in Evangelicalism from 2011 – 2020. You can read it here. For me there were some very refreshing, and concerning views from this. While we can’t know how much of this(…)


Homosexuality, Church, and Jesus

Homosexuality, Church, and Jesus {2}

A few days ago I was on Facebook when I noticed that a friend of mine had changed their profile photo. You may have noticed the image he changed it to. It’s the featured image on this post. A red square with an equal sign. I was then informed, after a bit of research, that(…)


Multi-Site Church: When to Multi-Site

Multi-Site Church: When to Multi-Site {2}

Here at Conversatio Morum we’ve been talking about the Multi-Site model of church. Today I want to drill down a bit on when you should move from a single campus to the multi-site model. The hope here is to help church’s that are considering going that route while also giving a push to the realization(…)