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Being Who You Are

In church planting, it seems, there are continuous talks around what qualities are needed for a church planter. It seems that, for a lot of groups, what these qualities come down to are the difference between extroversion and introversion. There … Continue reading

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Multi-Site Church: A Strategy for Church Planting

At Conversatio Morum, we like statistics. Mainly because the numbers from them can help us see, in a general sense, where the culture is at and where it’s going. Knowing this is the case, they are also helpful when starting … Continue reading

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Multi-Site Church: Intrapreneurship or Campus Pastors

We’re starting a new series at Conversatio Morum on Multi-Site Church. I find this to be an intriguing model of church. Especially when looking at factors for church planting such as scalability, urbanization, entrepreneurship, etc

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