Who will you cheat?

Who will you cheat? {0}

Andy Stanley has said “You’re going to cheat someone. The question is who?”  In fact, he wrote a book on it. You may, or may not, have noticed that the blog has been dead for about a week. There’s a reason. Last week we had a difficult family situation and



10X {0}

What are you doing at 10X? I’ll explain. A long time ago, I liked knowing everything. I liked being the go to guy. I’d always try to learn as much as I could about anything, so that I could be the guy with all the answers. I still like learning, but for very different reasons(…)


How’s your first impression?

How’s your first impression? {0}

I skipped church this past Sunday. As a staff member, this isn’t normal for me. I was giving my wife a weekend off and took my kids to their grandparents house. On Sunday morning, over breakfast, I had a conversation with my mom and dad about greeting on Sundays (They have been in ministry for(…)


Kriss Kross Makes You Jump Jump

Kriss Kross Makes You Jump Jump {0}

Oh yes,  that’s right. Kriss Kross. They made you want to Jump Jump. I know you wore your overalls backwards ’cause you wanted to be just like them. Then you figured out how unwise that was the first time you need to go to the bathroom.


Why are we so easily satisfied?

Why are we so easily satisfied? {0}

At my heart, I’m a geek. No, not a geek. A hacker. Some of you are hackers and don’t know it. According to Wikipedia’s 3rd definition a hacker is someone “who combines excellence, playfulness, cleverness and exploration in performed activities”. [Tweet That] You can check it out here. So, I do work with computers and(…)