Inbox 0 – Part 4

We’re doing a series on Conversatio Morum  about making email productive and getting to inbox 0. This is the final post on this series. You can read more about those concepts here. You can see every post in the series here. Last week we talked about how to stay at inbox 0. I’ll say, for my part, that even with tools, it’s a lot harder to maintain that I had originally thought. It’s freeing to be there. Even so, more often than not, I’ll have 3-5 emails left in my inbox. Which, in reality, is a ton better than what I previously had. So that’s where I stand. Inbox 0 is a great concept, don’t be religious about it, lest it eat more time. That goes against it’s very purpose. [Tweet That] OK, so that’s the end of that. I hope your staying productive and not letting email eat up your time.

About thejoshbjones

I am a follower of Jesus, husband and father. I'm founding member of Antioch Community Church in Belton, which is the amazing body of Christ that I am priviledged to serve. I spend most days, hanging around with several college dudes, my family, and my neighbors. I love my city, neighborhood, church, and family that God has blessed me with. It's been a crazy, unexpected adventure the last several years learning to do that more and more.
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