Finishing Revamp

Finishing Revamp {0}

Hi.  I’m sorry to inform you that I’m still finishing the revamp. I’m almost done. Thanks so much for being patient and hanging in there. New content to be displayed beginning Monday. Thanks so much for your patience. Hang in there!!


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! {0}

Hey all. It’s a day off here at Conversatio Morum. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still working hard. I’m just working on some other projects today. Next week we’ll get back into the check yourself series. For now, have a Great and Happy Labor Day!!!


Exciting Updates at Conversatio Morum!

Exciting Updates at Conversatio Morum! {0}

Hey all, So there are some exciting updates coming on Monday for Conversatio Morum. Once is short-lived, the other is a bit longer.


Delayed post {0}

Hey all. The post for today is delayed due to some server performance issues. I will more than likely have it up first thing tomorrow morning. Sorry for the delay.


Thanksgiving (or Turkey Bacon?) {0}

At Conversatio Morum we normally talk about church, missiology, theology, and technology. However, there’s this rule that since it’s thanksgiving, and this is a “christian” blog, that you’re now supposed to tell everyone what you’re thankful for in social media and on your blog. Yeah I know, cause thanksgiving was a holiday started by Jesus(…)