Throwback Thursdays

Old posts from thejoshbjones’ old xanga site. Primarily posts related to theology and mission.

Ending Throwback Thursdays

Ending Throwback Thursdays {0}

That’s right. I’m closing the door on Throwback Thursdays for now. No, I’ll still write on Thursdays. I’m just changing the scope of writing to line up with the rest of this site. I’ll probably


Life Without Cell Phones

Life Without Cell Phones {0}

Ah yes, life before cell phones. I remember that time. My Freshman year of college I drove several hours to visit a friend and had to call them from a pay phone to get directions to their house.


Kriss Kross Makes You Jump Jump

Kriss Kross Makes You Jump Jump {0}

Oh yes,  that’s right. Kriss Kross. They made you want to Jump Jump. I know you wore your overalls backwards ’cause you wanted to be just like them. Then you figured out how unwise that was the first time you need to go to the bathroom.


Free TV

Free TV {0}

Remember when TV was free? No, not like it is now, where you can use Hulu (besides, you need to pay for Hulu plus). No that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about when it was free over the air to the tinfoil enhanced antenna that you had connected to big box that took(…)



Lite-Brites {0}

Ah yes, Lite-Brites. Those were fun weren’t they? Heck yes they were! I mean, paying $30 for what essentially equates to a giant flashlight covered by peg board and black construction paper, who doesn’t think that’s fun? Well, at least when we were kids they were awesome. They were incredible. A whole world of possibilities