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Advancements produced from our culture that can be a reflection of the imago dei of God.

Installing Google Chrome App Launcher

1. Google Chrome Launcher is tool that will allow you to open Chrome apps like Flowdock from your taskbar. (Think start menu for google apps) a. It may install when you install Chrome b. If it doesn’t c. Open Chrome … Continue reading

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Making my windows 8 OS a “Chromebook”

I have a confession. Secretly…I’ve always been intrigued by the Chrome Book. There’s something about moving fully to the cloud. I’ve never pulled the trigger. Mainly, because I love my local storage. Probably comes from being born pre-90’s. The cool … Continue reading

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Developing Expertise

10000 hours. That’s the common knowledge rule on the amount of time it takes to develop expertise. This was a thought developed by Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers. Now that’s 10000 hours to World Class, Olympic Grade, Nobel Prize type expertise. … Continue reading

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Code For The Kingdom Austin 2014

Last year I went with a few guys to a Hackathon called Code For the Kingdom. You can read about it here. The next event in Austin is happening this weekend. This is a great opportunity if you’re in the Central … Continue reading

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If God is a hacker, He likes to upgrade

I have a friend, John. John does some really cool things, he’s super smart, and he’s been very helpful in terms of thinking through technology. He wrote a book that you should read. I’m telling you this, because historically I … Continue reading

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