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I am a follower of Jesus, husband and father. I'm founding member of Antioch Community Church in Belton, which is the amazing body of Christ that I am priviledged to serve. I spend most days, hanging around with several college dudes, my family, and my neighbors. I love my city, neighborhood, church, and family that God has blessed me with. It's been a crazy, unexpected adventure the last several years learning to do that more and more.

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Values – In Family

Values – In Family {0}

My wife and I have this discussion about once a week. No, it’s not about finances. Hold on, I’ll come back to it. I used to be really messy. When I was a teenager my room would be a mess. Clothes all over there floor, bed not made, you get the idea. Standard Teenager. Then(…)


Everyone is a Theologian

Everyone is a Theologian {0}

Did you know you’re a theologian? I did. So am I. That’s not as special and rare as it sounds. The reality is that everyone is a theologian. Everyone has a belief about God.


Values – In Church

Values – In Church {0}

Every week, I lead a small group of teenagers at a bible study. Every week I start with the same questions. Keep that in mind, we’ll come back. Years ago I was a part of a small group of college students. From that small group, a church grew up. One of the first things we(…)


My Littles

My Littles {0}

Caulder takes cute selfies. Group photo!!! And the trampoline is favorite. They love each other And holes. Published via Pressgram


Ending Throwback Thursdays

Ending Throwback Thursdays {0}

That’s right. I’m closing the door on Throwback Thursdays for now. No, I’ll still write on Thursdays. I’m just changing the scope of writing to line up with the rest of this site. I’ll probably