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I am a follower of Jesus, husband and father. I'm founding member of Antioch Community Church in Belton, which is the amazing body of Christ that I am priviledged to serve. I spend most days, hanging around with several college dudes, my family, and my neighbors. I love my city, neighborhood, church, and family that God has blessed me with. It's been a crazy, unexpected adventure the last several years learning to do that more and more.

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Gonna be a part.

Gonna be a part. {0}

120 #wmconf #signmeup Published via Pressgram


World Mandate Session 1

World Mandate Session 1 {0}

And it starts at #wmconf Worship God. Change the world. Sooo many people on stage. Sooo many people worshipping Jesus. #excellent Published via Pressgram



Worship {0}

Getting ready for worship. Buddy Jesus is giving us a thumbs up. #c4tk Published via Pressgram


Excellent Discussion

Excellent Discussion {0}

Talking about Al Qaeda’s use of technology and web analytics to recruit potential terrorists. #c4tk Published via Pressgram


Up late at c4tk14

Up late at c4tk14 {0}

In the prayer room,taking a break from ideating. #c4tk Published via Pressgram