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I am a follower of Jesus, husband and father. I'm founding member of Antioch Community Church in Belton, which is the amazing body of Christ that I am priviledged to serve. I spend most days, hanging around with several college dudes, my family, and my neighbors. I love my city, neighborhood, church, and family that God has blessed me with. It's been a crazy, unexpected adventure the last several years learning to do that more and more.

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Worship {0}

Getting ready for worship. Buddy Jesus is giving us a thumbs up. #c4tk Published via Pressgram


Excellent Discussion

Excellent Discussion {0}

Talking about Al Qaeda’s use of technology and web analytics to recruit potential terrorists. #c4tk Published via Pressgram


Up late at c4tk14

Up late at c4tk14 {0}

In the prayer room,taking a break from ideating. #c4tk Published via Pressgram


Code For The Kingdom Austin 2014

Code For The Kingdom Austin 2014 {0}

Last year I went with a few guys to a Hackathon called Code For the Kingdom. You can read about it here. The next event in Austin is happening this weekend. This is a great opportunity if you’re in the Central Texas area and you have any experience with development, graphic design, business, movie, and game(…)


Morning with my kiddos

Morning with my kiddos {0}

Jess’s sister is pregnant. So a few weeks ago she was helping her sister register for baby things. Hence I was with the kids and figured why not document the adventures of my minions and I. We spent the morning playing at the house then went out for whatever the day has in store for(…)