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Making my windows 8 OS a “Chromebook”

I have a confession. Secretly…I’ve always been intrigued by the Chrome Book. There’s something about moving fully to the cloud. I’ve never pulled the trigger. Mainly, because I love my local storage. Probably comes from being born pre-90’s. The cool thing is, I don’t have to have the constant tug of war of what it would be like to move to a Chrome Book.


Because the combo of Google’s Genius and Windows 8 is amazing. Google was wise enough to create a “middle ground”. They have created an App Launcher (shown below) that if you install Chrome, you can utilize the same way you would launching an app on the Chrome Book.

That’s not all though!

There’s also an option to launch Chrome in Windows 8 mode, which gives you a full desktop version (start section shown below). Essentially it’s what you see when you start up your Chrome Book for the first time.

I plan to post setup instructions next week for those interested in using this type of feature. Until then, I’m interested to hear if anyone has made the switch to something like a Chrome Book or other cloud hosted device. Let me know how your experience has been.

Developing Expertise

10000 hours. That’s the common knowledge rule on the amount of time it takes to develop expertise. This was a thought developed by Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers. Now that’s 10000 hours to World Class, Olympic Grade, Nobel Prize type expertise. Now…to get to competency. To get to competency is a different (more…)

Transitions and Time

It’s important to be able to gauge seasons and have clarity on which season you’re in as a leader. Otherwise (more…)

Happy Birthday Caulder!!

3 years ago we met this little dude for the first time. The ridiculousness and joy has doubled…tripled with this guy. We love you Caulder. Happy Birthday!

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UMHB – Homecoming

We got free parking tickets to my university’s homecoming football game this weekend. Here’s the view. Our seats were right on the 50, just where the shade started. Great seats.

Beckett…enjoying the seats?

Caulder and I had fun sitting together

Caulder, enjoying his “pop-pop”

The kiddos had an epic hug fest. :)

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