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Growing up too fast

Spending time with a beautiful brunette tonightIMG_5631.JPG
She is starting Kindergarden and it’s making me realize how quickly time passes.

Chik-Fil-A was out of Ice Cream so we went to SBucks for a cake pop.

Leading With Questions – At Home

We’ve been talking about leading with questions in several contexts of the last several posts. You can read about those here, here, and here. This time let’s talk about how to do that in the home. If you’re like me (which means you’re a crazy oddball who is only about 10% of the population), then I’m sorry that you get frustrated so easily. Also, in that context, leading this way allows room for you to grow in patience, since you probably won’t like most of the answers to the questions that you ask. I’ll come back to that.

Let me start with the big idea. Here it is…DO. NOT. (more…)

Leading with Questions – In Work

We’ve been talking about leading with questions. You can read the first two posts here and here. Today we’re going to talk about what this looks like in a work setting. I work in an organization that has a great culture towards professional coaching. This isn’t just something that we say, it’s implemented on a ground level. The best example I have to give you a picture of this is (more…)

Pat Green at Johnny’s Outback

Some friends envied us out tonight to see Pat Green in Salado. He’s a talented entertainer and it was a great time to get out with some friends who we really enjoy spending time with.
Before the show started. The crowd getting amped up.

Pat opening.

Fun with Trevangela.

Leading with Questions – In Church

Last week we talked about the need to lead with questions. You can read that here. Have you ever had one of those conversations that changes everything? How did it go? Were you expecting that? I know the conversations that were most impactful to me were (more…)