Code For The Kingdom Austin 2014

Code For The Kingdom Austin 2014 {0}

Last year I went with a few guys to a Hackathon called Code For the Kingdom. You can read about it here. The next event in Austin is happening this weekend. This is a great opportunity if you’re in the Central Texas area and you have any experience with development, graphic design, business, movie, and game(…)


SWITCH – the best camp you haven’t heard of

SWITCH – the best camp you haven’t heard of {0}

My last post was about transitions. You can read it here. This last week I participated in my last event as a youth pastor. I took our kids to Austin to SWITCH Camp. It’s described as a little bit camp, a little bit conference, and a little bit mission trip. This is a reality. I’ll(…)



Transitions {0}

Transitions are always interesting. I’ve learned from writing here that, as time passes we are moved from one place to another. I see it in my writing. As I look at what I’ve written about over time, I see where I’m moving. Blogging is


The Trinity – Part 5

The Trinity – Part 5 {0}

This is the 5th and final post on the Trinity. For anyone who wants to catch up you can read the other posts from the links below. The Trinity – Part 1 The Trinity – Part 2 The Trinity – Part 3 The Trinity – Part 4 Honestly, there’s not much


Team Wins

Team Wins {1}

Sometimes there are things that are so culturally polarizing, they create such hatred and arguments, that you want to avoid it. In this season where our nation is so polarized I almost hate to broach the subject. I’m afraid of who I might alienate by the next statements on this post. The Spurs are the(…)